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Learning Differences:

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Learning disabilities manifest themselves in the main academic areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. They often have a genetic basis and underlying brain differences. Learning disabilities are common and are not the fault of the individual or the family and fortunately, may be treated by a variety of educational interventions.

This area covers a wide range of learning differences. We use a strengths-based approach where we assess general cognitive and academic functioning to reveal potential gifts, abilities, as well as learning challenges. Putting these together, we can make sense of you or your child’s preferred method of learning and processing information.

Learning Differences Assessments Include: 

  • Comprehensive intelligence testing
  • Comprehensive academic testing in the areas of concern
  • Social-emotional and behavioral functioning
  • Classroom Observation, as applicable
  • Teacher Input, as applicable
  • Written report with recommendations and accommodations specific to the individual’s strengths/needs in an educational setting