Dyslexia Assessment

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Assessment of dyslexia is a specialty service that requires assessing the child’s intellectual and academic achievement functioning, as well as specific skills, like decoding, auditory processing, phonological processing, rapid retrieval of previously learned information, and other necessary reading skills. Dyslexia can be broken up into subtypes, Phonetic Dyslexia and Orthographic Dyslexia. While most individuals have both, sometimes only one is present. The evaluation is aimed at helping to identify why a child is struggling with reading development and the specific subtypes of dyslexia. Once we identify this information, we can provide specific and targeted recommendations for remediation. 

Our team includes highly trained professionals who specialize in dyslexia assessments. We offer comprehensive evaluations that not only look to see if you or your child has dyslexia but we also assess for other potential contributing factors. 

For school-aged children, we will invite both parents and teachers to participate in the evaluation, conduct a developmental history review, and review school records, along with a social-emotional screening and IQ testing to identify how your child’s brain thinks and processes information. Dyslexia often impacts more than just reading, so we will also assess for potential secondary needs related to writing and math needs. If you child needs a 504 plan or IEP, we can also provide school-based recommendations and help you navigate the process with your school. The goal of our evaluations is not just to diagnose, but to also help parents learn more about their child’s strengths, needs, and identify what type of support your child needs moving forward.